Who’s That Talking?

While out walking the dogs this afternoon, I came across a one-block stretch of chunky ice clogging the sidewalk. Of course, I was heading downhill. A boy about 10 years old and fresh off the school bus wisely avoided the slick mess and chose to walk on top of the rock-hard snow bank along the road edge.

“That’s a smart move,” I said.

“Yep,” the boy replied.

“Geez louise, but this sidewalk sure is slippery,” I added.


When did I become an 80-year old geezer talking like that? Sheesh!


One response to “Who’s That Talking?

  1. I found your link at Creatve Every Day… I had to laugh, because I have found myself doing this too! Why isn’t there a bolt of lightning or something that anno unces”Ok. You’re now old enough to be a geezer!”
    Scary part is, how many times have I done it without realizing it… ??

    Great blog!

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