Creative Every Day

Since signing up for CED 08, I’ve been more conscious of all the ways I’m creative in my life. Some are obvious, like the camouflage scarf I’m knitting for a solider, writing on my blog, creating jewelry from metal clay, etc.

But looking beyond the projects, I’m realizing how I wrap creativity around most of what I think about, see, hear and feel. I’m now honoring my creative mind and recognizing how real and unique it is — because it’s mine.

I think feeling creative every day is also opening my soul to see the raw creativity that’s in everyone. Creativity isn’t limited to artistic pursuits. It includes one’s sense of humor, problem-solving abilities, interpersonal skills, decision making and more.

I realize that CED is about creating artsy/crafty things, and I’m relishing all of the fun projects I’ll work on over the year. However, I’m already excited about how it’s opened my eye to the creativity that’s all around in its many forms. How inspiring!


2 responses to “Creative Every Day

  1. I agree! I am part of CED as well, and it really opens your eyes and help you look at your world a little more creatively, in all aspects.

  2. i love the insights that you’re finding through ced. it is eye opening in a wonderful way. 🙂

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